The Tao of Tea, 100% Organic Green Tea, Moroccan Mint, 3.5 oz (100 g)


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  • Artisan Quality
  • Pure Leaf Teas
  • Fresh
  • USDA Organic
  • Brews 60-70 Cups
  • Certified Organic by QAI

Origin Blend by the Tao of Tea

The origin of green tea drinking in Morocco is debated among several tea scholars. Some attribute it to the first Phoenicians who visited the area. Others assert its origins from Andalusia at the time of the Spanish reconquest. Either way, sweet mint green tea is part of life in a symbol of welcome. High quality Gunpowder Chinese green tea is blended with Organic Peppermint leaves to provide a crisp, cooling brew that can be enjoyed either warm or iced. Moroccan teapots are considered symbols of the Moroccan way of life, and can be found in very ornate silver or handcrafted designs.

Suggested Use

Brewing Moroccan Style

Making Moroccan Mint tea is very fun. Frist, warm the teapot with hot water. Add about two teaspoons for twelve ounces of water. Fresh mint leaves can also be added to taste. Next, add 2-3 cubes of sugar, Swirl the brew around and then quickly pour out the water, taking care not to lose any of the leaves or undisolved sugar. (Moroccans believe this take the bitterness out of the tea). Add the mint and more sugar to taste and pour in water at 175 F. Let brew for about 6-8 minutes. The technique of pouring the tea is almost as crucial to the success of host as the quality of the tea they use. This becomes easier to understand when one realizes that all Moroccan tea pots have long, curved pouring spouts and this allows the tea to be poured into even the tiniest of glasses from a height of half a metre or more. Practice is definitely advised before trying this with your guests.


Sold by weight, not volume in canister. Filled till 1/2 the height.

100% organic green tea leaves and 100% organic peppermint leaves.

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