Hampstead Tea, Organic English Breakfast, 3.53 oz (100 g)

Tea, Herbal

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  • Hampstead Tea London
  • A Strong yet Subtle Leaf Tea
  • Demeter
  • All Ingredients are Biodynamic/Organic
  • USDA Organic

Organic English Breakfast Leaf Tea - strong yet subtle

These are just two teas in this blend. A big, bold, malty Assam that pushes you out of the house in the morning, and a delicate Darjeeling that gently reveals the day ahead. That’s why this blend has such a clean, uncluttered and robust taste.

Both teas are grown organically which ensures that all who live in the estates, from those that pick the tea, to the wildlife and of course the tea bushes themselves, can flourish in an environment free of chemical pesticides.

Demeter certifies this product as organic. This reflects a commitment to biodiversity, soil husbandry, livestock integration and the prohibition of genetically engineered organisms.

Suggested Use

 To get the best from this English Breakfast tea, brew a level teaspoon per cup in freshly boiled water for up to 3 minutes. Add milk and honey to taste.

Other Ingredients

Black leaf tea.

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